Tyre Brands

Re-Tyred offer a huge range of tyres available to buy online and in store from all the top leading tyre manufacturers. To find the right tyre for your vehicle, budget and driving style you can browse just some of our top tyre manufacturers below.

Avon tyres
Established in 1904, Avon have proven themselves on the road and racetracks of the world. Today, Avon’s century of tyre experience is combined with the very latest tyre innovation, which is why they are recognised globally for creating tyres of unparalleled quality and ability.

Bridgestone tyres
Bridgestone are the largest manufacturer of tyres and other rubber products in the world. With a history spanning almost 100 years, Bridgestone have developed an exceptional reputation for innovation within the tyre industry.

Continental tyres
Founded in 1871, Continental are today one of the most recognised names in the tyre industry. Dedicated to their goal of delivering safety to the streets without compromising driving comfort or pleasure, Continental are a leading choice for motorists and vehicle manufacturers alike.

Cooper tyres
Cooper Tires are devoted to creating high-quality tyres and are proud to build tyres for the way real drivers really drive. Established in 1914, Cooper Tires have an impressive history spanning over one hundred years and today they are one of the largest industrial companies in the United States.

Dunlop tyres
Since John Dunlop invented the pneumatic tyre in 1888, Dunlop have been at the forefront of tyre innovation and development. Today, Dunlop are one of the most respected tyre manufacturers in the world, producing one of the most extensive ranges of tyres on the market.

Firestone tyres
Firestone’s history started with a horse race, when founder Harvey Firestone took his new rubber-tyred buggy to the track and won in the early 1890s. Since these humble beginnings, Firestone are today one of the leading manufacturers in the tyre industry.

Hankook tyres
Founded in 1941, Hankook was South Korea’s first tyre company. From these humble beginnings, Hankook has established itself as a cornerstone of Korea’s industrial process and is today one of the largest tyre companies in the world.

Goodyear tyres
Goodyear are renowned globally for their devotion to the advancement of tyre technology. Since their conception in 1898, Goodyear have remained at the forefront of tyre innovation and they boast a range of exciting tyre technology including ActiveBraking and SmartTred technology.

Michelin tyres
With a history spanning over 100 years, Michelin are today one of the largest and most well respected tyre manufacturers in the world. Thanks to their dedication to safety, longevity and security, Michelin tyres are trusted by both vehicle manufacturers and motorists.

Pirelli tyres
Founded in 1872, Pirelli are one of the leading brands in the tyre industry. Globally renowned for their dedication to challenging the boundaries of technology, style and sustainability, Pirelli have established a strong position in the premium brand tyre market.

Vredestein tyres
Originating in Holland, Vredestein produces high quality tyres, specialising in both summer and winter versions. Vredestein are committed to creating tyres which enhance the performance of every vehicle and they boast an impressive history spanning over 100 years.

Uniroyal tyres
Credited with inventing the rain tyre, Uniroyal have been the leading experts in the field of wet weather tyre technology for over 30 years. Dedicated to providing optimum safety in wet conditions, Uniroyal have become one of the most respected tyre manufacturers in the world.

Yokohama tyres
Established in 1917, Yokohama is the oldest tyre manufacturer in Japan. From their humble beginnings, Yokohama has grown to become one of the manufacturer leaders in the high performance tyres sector and Yokohama tyres are fitted as original equipment to some of the world’s leading car manufacturers.