Seasonal Storage

For maximum safety and performance all year round, our Re-tyred specialist always recommend using season specific tyres to suit seasonal conditions. Many motorists, however, are reluctant to own both a summer and winter set of tyres due to lack of storage. However here at Re-Tyred we offer a solution with our helpful Seasonal Storage.


Our Seasonal Storage allows you to safely store your seasonal tyres when not in use.

It is recommended that you switch to winter tyres when temperatures reach a consistent average of 7°C, this is usually around mid October in the UK, and back to summer tyres when temperatures are higher than this, typically in March/April.

When you are ready to change over your tyres, simply contact Re-Tyred to buy and/or arrange fitment of your seasonal tyres and we will store your alternate tyres.

Our seasonal storage is secure, well ventilated, dry and keeps your tyres away from direct sunlight, precipitation or any other conditions that can affect the condition or structure of your tyres.

When it is time to change back, we will inspect your tyres for wear and damage before fitment to ensure that they meet all legal and safety requirements.

For further information on our Seasonal Storage contact us directly and our specialists will be able to offer advice and guidance.

*Terms and Conditions Apply. 72 hours’ notice is required for ‘switch over’. Tyres are left at owner’s own risk.