All vehicles over 3 years old are required by law to have a yearly MOT test. MOT tests are designed to make sure that every vehicle meets the minimum safety standards acceptable for it to be roadworthy.

All our MOT testers are selected for their knowledge, experience and fair attitude to vehicle testing, ensuring that our customers receive the highest standards possible. Whilst many vehicles pass with flying colours, a select few will unfortunately fail to meet the minimum safety standards required to pass the test.

The MOT tester will record the faults within your vehicle in these three ways

Minor Not an immediate safety risk but should be rectified soon Pass
Major Poses a potential safety risk to the driver and other road users Fail
Dangerous Immediate risk to the safety of the driver & other road users. The vehicle should not be driven until the fault has been rectified. Fail

If your car fails it’s MOT test, then Re-Tyred will be able to carry out the vast majority of MOT repairs onsite. Our skilled technicians can provide you with a no-obligation quote and an quick  estimate on how long the repairs and retest are likely to take.

MOT tests usually take just under an hour to carry out so you can relax in our comfortable, and family friendly waiting area with a complimentary drink whilst this is done.


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