Your vehicle’s exhaust today, is no longer a simple pipe system designed to channel fumes away from the engine with a silencer to reduce any noise. On modern cars, exhausts are now full emission control systems that use the very latest technology to reduce your vehicle’s impact on the environment.

A modern exhaust system will:

  • Channel away spent gases
  • Boost engine performance  
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Show signs there is a problem with your Exhaust

The first sign to look out for that might show you something isn’t quite right with your exhaust is a noise developing; many of our customers report hearing a rattle, hiss, roar or chugging noise when something is amiss.


Common signs of damage to look out for include:

  • Knocking or rattling noises, this could be from an exhaust part becoming loose
  • Part of the exhaust becoming low or dragging on the road
  • Your exhaust sounding noticeably louder
  • Visible holes or excessive corrosion
  • An increase in smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Physical damage to the exhaust is a common reason for an exhaust part in need of replacement. Knocks and bumps from speed humps and high curbs can damage the exhaust; you may be able to spot this damage yourself before your exhaust check. This will depend on where the damage is, sometimes it’s not easy to see until your car is on a lift and the entire underside of the vehicle can be seen.

All exhausts corrode over time from both inside and out, how long this takes to happen will depend on what mileage you do and what your vehicle is used for; a car used for town driving will tend to get exhaust corrosion more quickly than one doing motorway miles. It’s not necessarily down to how old the exhaust is as to when it’ll need replacing.

Here at Re-Tyred, our technicians are trained to diagnose faults with your exhaust system and will advise you on the best way to deal with them. In many cases, if a problem is spotted early enough, we can replace a single section as opposed to the entire exhaust system which will save you both time and money. Sometimes exhausts are perfectly fine but just needs re securing with a replacement exhaust bracket.

Your vehicle exhaust is made up from a series of pipes that go from the engine to the tailpipe. You may hear these sections referred to as a front pipe, catalytic convertor, middle section, rear box and tail pipe. Depending on the condition of your exhaust, you may need just a single section replacing, a couple of sections or more unusually, an entire exhaust system. If an exhaust system is excessively corroded, then this may make the parts very difficult to separate from one another and so you’ll need to replace more sections of the exhaust